A Drug Free Camp

Camp Counselor and Staff Drug Testing CONSORTIUM
A Drug Free Camp Anti-Drug Programs is to Comply With State, Federal and Company requirements

Because of your safety sensitive position working with children in various activities that have risk to health and life and to assure you will be able to respond to emergent conditions and to prevent accidents through your diligence:

You will be prohibited from using and tested for Marijuana, Ecstasy, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates including Heroine, and PCP Phencyclidine during the entire camp session.

You will be subject to random testing during the session for the above substances at any time.

A person with a positive finding will be not be able to join a Drug Free Camp consortium and will be discharged from A Drug Free Camp Consortium.

  • Once You join A Drug Free Camp Consortium Completing Your Application and paying Your Enrollment Fee $59, You Have No Additional Fees. All Testing Random Drug Testing, Post Accident Testing Are Covered In The Program For One Year.

  • You Get Proof Of Enrollment And A Copy Of Your Last Drug Test.
    Your Test Results Will be sent to the Camp you designate to receive your drug test results on the app.

  • A Drug Free Camp Consortium Has Collection Sites Nationwide And Provides You With Collection Sites In Your Area

    You Get Required Drug and Alcohol Education via your app.

    You are prohibited from using Marijuana, Ecstasy, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Opiates including Heroine, and PCP Phencyclidine at all times during the camp session until the session ends.

    A Drug Free Camp uses US Department of Transportation criteria, the same as used for airplane pilots and truck drivers. Marijuana is prohibited for persons in a Safety Sensitive Position which is anyone dealing with children as well as doing any activity in the camp.

  • You Get Medical Officer Review by a Certified Medical Doctor to meet US Department of Transportation standards to review all your testing. A Medical Doctor will call you to discuss any non-negative test to see if you have a legitimate reason for a non-negative test.

  • A Drug Free Camp Consortium Provides Confidential App And On-Line-Access To View And Print Test Results and Edit Your Contact Information

  • Provide required Drug Education on line via your app.

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